About Me


My name is Vanessa and I am the owner and creator of Nakit Collective.

I am a mother of two cheeky monkeys aged 8 and 6. I work full time in the corporate world. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved jewellery- any kind. In my late teens, I was lucky enough to learn how to make jewellery through a small bead store. I dabbled a little making jewellery, mainly for myself and friends. But I loved every minute of it. I loved using my hands to create something that was uniquely me, an expression of myself. And I loved it even more that others loved what I created and wanted to wear it.

When I met my husband, he suggested I try and sell some and  consider attending some markets. That's when my first jewellery business "Intrigue Jewellery Designs" was born. I started attending markets and selling them and loved every minute of it.  Making jewellery- being creative and hearing how much people loved my pieces filled my heart with soo much content.  Then life happened, a house, an engagement, marriage and kids and my jewellery took a back seat (something I must admit, I do regret  this a little).  

Over the last couple of years, the signs have been pointing me back to making jewellery. When miss 8 was in grade prep, I decided to make some earrings for her prep teacher as a Christmas gift. I dug out some of my old tools and made her  a pair of dangle earrings, it felt soo good to have the tools back in my hands and my creative juices flowing and I knew it was time. This time however, I had fallen in love (and purchased) many many pairs of clay earrings and decided I wanted to explore this avenue, then Covid-19 hit and all workshops and classes were cancelled, but I wasn't letting that slow me down. So the internet it was for learning how to make polymer clay jewellery and then Nakit Collective was born...

I love creating and designing jewellery, I hope that when you purchase from Nakit, you know that you are not only supporting a small business, but you are receiving jewellery that is hand made with lots of love and care. My pieces are a reflection of me and while I am still learning and finding out exactly what that means for me, I am forever grateful to be able to do what I do and be able to share it with others.